Developing Medical Genetics Education Through Curriculum Reforms And Establishment of Postgraduate Training Programs EACEA

On 19 September 2017, the final quality control of new or updated education programs in medical genetics after review were presented and discussed during a web-meeting between all four partner universities and the Plymouth University, UK.

The assessment of the quality control and quality assurance of the developed education programs in medical genetics at 4 partner universities of the project (YSMU, RAU, TAU, TIIT) was launched in the beginning of June 2017 through distribution of special questionnaires developed by the Plymouth University, UK. The quality control of the programs was based on Graz Model for Integrative Development and included the following tools for the assessment:

Quality Management System
- Quality Control process map
- Document templates for quality management

- Infrastructure
- Personnel resources 
- Administrative resources
- Financial resources

- Integration
- Cooperation across departmental and other boundaries

Education Program
- Objectives and target groups
- Duration and structure
- Course prerequisites
- Curriculum content and applications
- Examination regulations
- Degree
- Management
- Course organizer
- Validity of the current curriculum

Teaching Strategies and Developing Competences
- Teaching types
- Teaching modes

Internal Evaluation and Monitoring                                                                                          
- Evaluation of lectures
- Evaluation of exams
- Suggestion for improvement from students
- Lessons learned
- New teaching methods
- Improvement of teaching
- Further development of curriculum

After the initial analysis of reports from the partner universities, the general quality control plan at each partner university were presented, and eventually achievements, shortages, gaps and recommendations were provided and discussed during the the final quality control web-meeting. 

Web Meeting Agenda

Yerevan State Medical University Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Tel Aviv University
Medical University of Graz University of Plymouth Charles University in Prague European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer Universite Paris Descartes
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