Developing Medical Genetics Education Through Curriculum Reforms And Establishment of Postgraduate Training Programs EACEA

During 26 September - 12 October, 2016 two different training courses where organized at the University Paris Descartes, France for the specialists of all four participant universities specialized in both clinical genetics and clinical laboratory genetics

During the training courses the main topics of the meeting and the practical parts were presented by the stuff of the university in collaboration of Imagine Institute, including: Prof. Alain Hovnanian, Dr. Valerie Cormier, Dr. Jeanne Amiel, Dr. Tania Atie-Bitach, Dr. Véronique Pingault, Dr. Laurence Jonard, Dr. Giulia Barcia, Dr. Christine Bole, and Dr. Patrick Nitschke.

The summary of the main activities were: 

- the guided tour in the out-patient clinical departments of Imagine Institute as part of the UPD and in the genetic diagnostic department of the Necker Hospital as the biggest child hospital in Europe,

- participation in genetic counseling, clinical examination, genetic diagnostics and  treatment activity of clinical cases with

> intellectual disability,

> autism,

> mitochondrial disorders,

> epilepsy,

> congenital malformations,

> skeletal dysplasias, and

> developmental abnormalities caused by neural crest defects,

- introduction of genomic and bioinformatics platforms for gene panel, whole exome and whole genome sequencing,

- participation and discussion in next generation sequencing approaches for diagnostic and research purposes at Imagine Institute,

- introduction and discussion of prenatal and preimplantation diagnostic methods and approaches applied in the Necker Hospital.

Training Agenda


Yerevan State Medical University Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Tel Aviv University
Medical University of Graz University of Plymouth Charles University in Prague European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer Universite Paris Descartes
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